A busy Autumn period

Although there have not been any updates for a while it does not mean that things have stopped, quite the reverse. Over the last few months, cycle routes have been developed for a beautiful holiday lodge resort down on the south coast of Cornwall. These will be published in the next week or two. It was a real pleasure to cycle the narrow and sometimes steep roads around Cornwall as there was always going to be a different view. What an amazing place it is.

Alongside this, there is a long-term project being developed behind the scenes that will be published during the Spring of 2019. Although this seems like a long time there is a lot of work to be carried out between now and then. As a taster for where these walks are a series of photographs have just been posted on our Facebook Page, these will be added to in the next couple of weeks as further areas are explored.

This latter area of work could also lead to another similar project in the same area, but not something we can publicise at present. But it will be fun and hard work putting it all together.