Camping and Caravanning Club – more walks created

The last few weeks have been spent creating additional walks for The Camping and Caravanning Club sites at both St Neots and Theobalds Park, Waltham Cross.

Despite these locations being close to large towns it was amazing the wildlife and natural habitats that abound in both areas. Alongside this natural environment, there is also an amazing amount of human history that can still be seen. With a little imagination, you could be back at almost anytime period.

As with all our walks for The Camping and Caravanning Club, they are available to follow free of charge through and also as JPegs on the Skye Strolls Facebook Page.

Hope you enjoy walking these routes.

Camping and Caravanning Club Site at West Runton, Norfolk

Yet another glorious location, a peaceful and tranquil site set amongst woods and gently rolling landscape, with walks in every direction.

Two walks have just been created and published for use by the Camping and Caravanning Club and others who are looking to enjoy this part of north Norfolk. The walks are available for free download to a smartphone from, under both Camping & Caravanning Club and Skye Strolls accounts. You can also visit our Facebook page to see photographs of the area and print off walks.

Happy strolling.

Seckford Hall Hotel – Country Walks and Cycle Ride

A series of three country walks and a cycle ride have just been published for the prestigious Seckford Hall Hotel. All are centred on their location nestled at the end of the Fynn Valley and at the southern extremity of the Suffolk Coastal Sandling Heath environment.

The walks go along the rivers and around local villages using footpaths and quiet country lanes. With the changing seasons, there is always something different to look for in the area, from otters playing in the river to wildfowl wading in the Deben Estuary.

The cycle ride passes through Woodbridge and Sutton Hoo to the enigmatic and beautiful Shingle Street, returning via Hollesley and Sutton Commons. There is always a chance to see both basking seals and grazing deer whilst on this ride.

The walks and ride are available for free download onto smartphone from They are also available as images on our Facebook Page.

Further walks within the estate of Seckford Hall are currently being planned, these will be based on the natural environment and history of the location. As well as one for the young at heart which is based on Enid Blyton books, as she lived her in her early life.

Seckford Hall Hotel -walks and cycle ride

Skye Strolls is very pleased to announce that we have just been commissioned by the luxury Seckford Hall Hotel to prepare a series of walks and an initial cycle ride.

What an amazing place and location, loads of history with Kings and Queens staying in this sleepy part of Suffolk along with a host of other historical celebrities.

There is also the amazing flora and fauna in this tranquil and hidden part of Suffolk. Looking forward to strolling along the paths and byways.

As always the walks will be published on our Facebook Page and free to download and follow on smartphone or tablet from

Happy strolling everyone.

ViewRanger Top Publisher Award 2018

The ViewRanger App that is used to publish our walks for all to follow, completely free of charge, is a world-wide organisation that promotes a wide range of activities to encourage people to explore the outdoors. A very similar ethos to the one that is behind the founding of Skye Strolls Ltd.

Today ViewRanger has announced its annual awards for the top publishers on their software on a worldwide basis. Skye Strolls is very honoured to have received this award, especially as the company is just two years old.

We would like to thank all our customers who have had faith in us by requesting that we create walks for their businesses. It is well known from the feedback received that these walks are very popular with their own customers.

Looking forward to developing more walks across the beautiful British countryside. If you would like to commission some walks then please contact us on the details within our website.

The ViewRanger press release can be seen at: –

Polstead Camping and Caravanning Club

Yes, another great venue for some interesting and varied walks, just grateful for the opportunity to be able to stroll around these areas.

The Camping and Caravanning Club at Polstead is set in an amazing location with walks in all directions. Today I have been able to publish three walks for use within their own organisation and to the public at large. Hopefully, you will all enjoy the area as much as I did compiling the walks.

These walks are now available through under both Camping and Caravanning Club and Skye Strolls accounts, where they can be downloaded to smartphones and followed free of charge. They are also available as JPEGs within our Facebook Page, but these do not contain the maps as within previous walks.

Happy Wanderings

Kessingland Camping and Caravanning Club

Pleased to publish our first set of walks for the above organisation and their site by the sea in Suffolk.

Although having lived in the area for a number of years I was amazed at the beauty and tranquillity found on these walks. A very varied range of things to look at as you saunter along the beach, country lanes or pathways.

The walks are now available through under both Camping and Caravanning Club and Skye Strolls accounts, where they can be downloaded to smartphones and followed free of charge. They are also available as JPEGs within our Facebook Page, but do not contain the maps asĀ  within previous walks.

Happy Strolling

Camping & Caravanning Club

Great news as The Camping & Caravanning Club have asked that I prepare walks for them across East Anglia, the South East and potentially further afield.

The format will be different than my previous walks as there will not be the brochure style document. The walks will be going directly onto ViewRanger under their account, still completely free to access and follow on smartphones and tablets. Although starting and finishing at their sites they will still be usable for everybody.

I will still publish some details of the walks within Skye Strolls FaceBook Page and keep this website updated regarding the launch of each walk, or series of walks.

Walks from Camping & Caravanning Club Sites at Kessingland and Polstead should be published towards the end of April 2018. Watch this space!

The Sorrel Horse at Shottisham, Suffolk

It is with great please that we now are able to publish a series of walks and cycle rides based on The Sorrel Horse at Shottisham. A great pub serving amazing food set in fabulous countryside with diverse environments for you to enjoy.

As with all our walks they will be available through The Sorrel Horse, our own Facebook page and, where they can be followed free of charge on smartphones and tablets.

We hope you enjoy the walks and the

New Walks Coming Soon

Great news, we are currently working on a series of walks and cycle rides for the delightful Sorrel Horse Public House in Shottisham, Suffolk. The fantastic setting allows for a great range of walks and rides across Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Areas of Scientific Interest as well as internationally important wetland areas.

We are planning on having these walks available by the end of February 2018, via our Facebook Page, through where they can be followed free of change on phone or tablet. Also available through The Sorrel Horse itself and their website.

We hope you get the opportunity of enjoying these expeditions, which cater for most abilities and ages.